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The area of Oltradige is said to have the highest density of castles and ancient manor houses of all Europe. Indeed, Appiano and the surrounding villages with their many museums, castles and antique residences offer an extremely wide range of historically interesting sights and unmissable cultural events.

The old town of Bolzano 

Bolzano is 10 km from Appiano. The capital city of South Tyrol is famous for its archaeological museum and Ötzi the Iceman, the oldest mummy in the world;  for Piazza Erbe with its colourful fruit and vegetable market and for its the old town with numerous shops under the arcades, a real attraction for those who want to indulge in some shopping.


The former episcopal city of Bressanone with its Hofburg, the medieval city palace of the bishops, the cathedral and the monastery of Novacella can all be reached by train from Bolzano in half an hour. By car it takes about an hour from Appiano.  

The town of Merano 

Merano, the favourite town of Empress Sissi, has long been well known for its mild climate. Here you can visit the Trauttmansdorff Botanical Gardens, the beautiful Tappeiner walk, the Kurhaus - an impressively beautiful building in liberty style and the thermal baths. Merano can be reached from Appiano in about half an hour.

San Michele/Appiano 

In San Michele/Appiano you can find a large variety of interesting cultural sights: a large number of manor houses in the typical Oltradige style, the castle of Appiano-Hocheppan, the Moos-Schulthaus castle and the historical residence Lanserhaus with permanent and temporary art exhibitions, to name just a few of the places worth visiting.


The Castle of Firmian-Sigmundskron is located next to the village of Frangarto, a few km from Appiano. The imposing fortress on the outskirts of Bolzano is of considerable importance for the territory and its autonomy. 1957 more than 30,000 South Tyroleans gathered here to protest against the failure to comply with the Treaty of Paris which provided more administrative power to this region. Since 2006 it is the site of the Messner Mountain Museum Firmian with permanent exhibitions on the history of mountaineering.

Bassa Atesina 

The beautiful Bassa Atesina is known not only as a grape-growing area, but also for its charming villages; for example Egna, with its palaces, frescoes, long arcades and inner courtyards, and which from 2014 has been part of "The most beautiful villages of Italy“, or Termeno, the cradle of  Gewürztraminer, or Margré, with its perfectly intact old town and countless historic mansions. 


If you need an alternative to hiking or other activities in nature, you might want to go a little further away. Thanks to its central location and a good motorway network, Appiano is optimally connected and therefore an ideal place to take a longer trip for the day.

Norden / Süden


Numerous events take place in the area of Appiano throughout the year: concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances with famous national and international musicians and artists. 

Winter / Sommer
in summer
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