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Appiano Comedy Festival (June)

At the Castelletto, a small castle on the Lake of Monticolo, with the participation of international and national cabaret performers.

The Liedsommer of Appiano (July)

Master classes and performances of “bel canto” at the Lanserhaus manor under the direction of the famous German mezzo-soprano Brigitte Fassbaender.

Wine Culture Weeks (July)

A series of food and wine events in the alleys of San Paolo.

The Great Gourmet Event (July) 

A highlight of the wine weeks: a festively decorated table, 130 m long, in the picturesque main street of San Paolo, with award-winning wines and delicacies of the highest culinary level.

Michaeli Kirchtig (September) 

The traditional village festival of St. Michael with folk music and traditional delicacies.

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