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Along Appiano’s Wine Route, the largest grape-growing area of South Tyrol, wine has been produced for over 2000 years. With its mild climate, special soil conditions and many sunny days, the area between the lakes of Monticolo and the Mendola rock massif has always offered ideal conditions for viticulture.


So, it comes as no surprise that so many aristocrats and wealthy merchant families decided to settle in the area over the last centuries: they obviously appreciated the finer things in life!


Around 15 different grape varieties thrive here, amongst them Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon,  Chardonnais and Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir and Vernatsch, Lagrein and Merlot, to name just a few, which are processed into aromatic, fresh white wines and fruity, elegant red wines. Here you will find predominantly white grape varieties, but also red ones from which over 20 local producers extract excellent tasty wines and distillates, thanks to long traditions handed down from generation to generation.


Every year, numerous wine events take place in the area of Oltradige providing guests with many opportunities to immerse themselves in the world of Bacchus. From wine tastings of exquisite vintages, to wine promenades through the Appiano vineyards and guided tours of the local wineries.


Night of the cellars

In June, numerous wine producers of the village of Cornaiano open the doors of their historic underground cellars to offer wine tastings and other culinary and musical delights. 

Kaltern all in red & Kaltern all in white

Taking place in June, in the central market square of the village with one evening dedicated to Caldaro’s best reds and another to its finest white wine. A varied programme with delicacies and cultural proposals enriches this event.

Wine Culture Weeks in San Paolo

This wine and gastronomic event series takes place every year in July where one can enjoy excellent culinary experiences in San Paolo’s picturesque streets. 

The Great Gourmet Event in the centre of San Paolo

In July, star chef Herbert Lintner seduces guests with an exclusive dinner under the open sky in the historic centre of San Paolo.

Spatium Pinot Blanc

In August in the municipality of Appiano, Pinot Bianco, a wine with an unmistakable aromatic character, takes to the stage. As part of this international event, attended by numerous national and international wine producers, experts and wine lovers can enjoy an interesting program all focused on Pinot Bianco.

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