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If you are looking for a cool and refreshing dip, there are several possibilities in Oltradige and the surrounding area, either very close by or just about an hour away from Appiano. 


The lakes of Monticolo and Caldaro are not only popular for swimming; they are also an attractive destination for hikers, especially in spring and autumn. Both lakes are protected landscape areas and are among the warmest lakes in the Alps. 

At the southern end of the Lake of Caldaro, there is a reeded area which is a nature reserve: it is a nesting place for countless birds, with some rare species too and is the only large habitat of its kind on the main bird migration routes between the Resia Pass and Verona.

The small and large lakes of Monticolo/Montiggl (11 km)
Lake of Caldaro  (16 km)
Lake of Favogna (38 km)
Lake of Fié (33 km)
Lake of Carezza (42 km)
Lake of Valdurna (45 km)
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